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Mugen Semi Bucket Seat MS-Z

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The distinct look and performance bred MS-Z semi bucket seat have to be seen to be appreciated!

When developing a bucket seat two contradictory requirements need to be addressed - that of ergonomic driver support while at the same time providing driver comfort, including easy-access. The shoulders, waist, and thighs should be held securely in priority to other body parts while driving.

Even when the upper part of the body is held securely, if the thighs remain free to move, the driver will experience stress or fatigue, which can hinder precise driving. MS-Z is specifically designed to reliably hold and support the shoulders, waist, and thighs and the hardness of the urethane sections in each area is adjusted optimally.

Due to such properties, MS-Z can contribute to safety and tireless long-distance driving under any conditions. The front area of MS-Z is covered in Alcantara.


- Stepless recliner
- Forward folding backrest
- Lumbar support pad insertion type
- Belt holes for safety harness
- High grip side support
- Long and deep seat cusion
- Alcantara
- Shoulder grip
- MUGEN Logo (embroidered)
- Main body weight: 15.0kg

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