Who are we?

NINE-W started as an engineering firm with roots in the professional motorsport industry. We take pride in our modern thinking, techniques, and equipment, which allow us to help our clients solve problems of all complexities, budgets, and timeframes. While working in the industry, we had the opportunity to supply MUGEN 無限 POWER automotive goods to the Australian market.
With our passion and love for Hondas, with our background knowledge in the motorsports industry, we are committed to delivering MUGENS top quality range of products to our fellow Honda enthusiasts around the country. Not only do we want to bring these top quality products to your door, we are also committed to making sure you receive customer experience that exceeds your expectations.

Want to be a reseller?

We are always actively looking to partner with businesses who would love to supply the 無限MUGEN range to there esteemed customers. If you are looking to expand your product range. We offer a range of bulk purchase discounts, if you would like to learn more reach out to the team at info@nwmpa.com.au. We'd be thrilled to collaborate with you.